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Have an event coming up that you want to look extra good for? Whether it's just you going to a Holiday party, your squad going out for a bachelorette party, or even look spooky for Halloween I am your gal! My art loving self is always looking for new ideas and new looks to do! Contact me with any questions. 



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I love all dogs!

I love my husband Benjamin


I love warm weather!

I began watching YouTube makeup tutorials just to better skills for my own face makeup. I picked it up really quickly and began watching more skilled tutorials, practiced applying makeup on my friends, and myself multiple times a day! I fell in love with shopping for makeup and finding good products and being able to give girls the makeup they saved on Instagram when they couldn't do it themselves.

I had lots of support from friends and family to follow my dream, be a business owner and make a passion a career. My senior year of high school I worked with other makeup artists to get out there for more practice and experience. Since then I have learned some ups and downs and made countless brides glow! I'm excited and proud to be able to continue this journey and meet so many wonderful people! 

Makeup is an art. My hobby and passion my whole life has been art! I am blessed to wake up every day and call this my job. How did I get into makeup? Here is a little backstory! 

I grew up in Caledonia, MI and went to small schools. I loved playing sports like soccer, and I was on the diving team as well! I had lots of school spirit but was always known as the class artist. I won multiple art awards throughout my school career and it was very exciting!

As time went on and a career became more of an importance I just couldn't come to terms with myself going to college for art and sitting down and painting all day. It truly was a huge hobby not a career for me. 


I love fruit and home cooked meals


I love camping and traveling

I love painting and other forms of art!