My Must-Haves

Every wedding morning gets me frazzled about my checklist. Of course I have the obvious things like makeup! But I have landed on a few things throughout the years that I can't believe I went to weddings without them!

1.) Fabric cloth squares? No matter where we are getting ready for the morning of your wedding, makeup isn't the cleanest situation, sometimes we get foundation on the table, or a makeup brush on the happens! As I told my mom about my clumsy struggles, she came up with a wonderful idea! She sewed me multiple different sized fabric squares for me to rearrange on a table and if I made a mess then at least I could wash them when I got home! I have stained them silly but it saved many carpets i'm sure. Because I have so many in different sizes I can cover any size counter space needed! Also prevents scratches for the makeup case! Thanks mom!

2.) Jazzle Dazzle. Scrolling through Instagram one day I found a crafter in the UK that decorates hand held mirrors with the most fun and cute designs! Her shop name is Jazzle Dazzle. She said any theme, any color! I asked for a pink glitter with my name on it. I was so excited when it arrived in the mail it is a favorite for everyone! in 2019 for my own wedding I placed another order with her for mirrors for myself and bridesmaids as part of their gift. They are so beautiful and I love handing the mirror to my client as she sees herself for the first time!

Check our her page! (

3.) Pink Hand fan. For the longest time after I would use the setting spray I would use an eyeshadow palette to help dry up the face. In my head I told myself every time that I have to find a fan but it escaped my mind every time as well! On Etsy, I found a shop over seas and it was risky to ship them to the US but the fans are just so beautiful! I ordered a white feather one for my wedding and I bring this light pink lace and bead fan when i'm doing makeup. Let me tell you it is so much easier to use an actual fan!

Check out the Etsy shop! (

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