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"Faith Did an amazing job on my makeup for my wedding day! I looked elegant and beautiful but also still like myself. She was on time, efficient but not rushed, and easy to communicate with. I would highly recommend choosing Faith for any of your makeup needs!"


Faith is so friendly and personable!! I felt like I had known her for years when we first met. She gave me a timeless look that matched my bouquet PERFECTLY and made my eyes pop. 10/10 recommend Faith!! You need her on your big day… she is so much more than just a MUA!!!
"Faith is a dream come true! She is so talented as a makeup artist, and SO sweet as a person. She will actually listen to you, and help you achieve the look you want. I will be using her for 2 engagement photo sessions, and my wedding. Book with Faith, you'll be happy you did!"

"For anyone looking to have their makeup done for a special occasion, I HIGHLY recommend Lash Out Makeup Artistry. Faith did my makeup for my wedding day and not only did I love it, but I got SO many compliments throughout the afternoon-evening too. She's great to work with and is super knowledgeable about color pallets and yourself a favor and contact her."

"Faith did such an amazing job at my wedding. She was very accommodating and made us all feel SO beautiful. Her prices are super reasonable and she really takes into consideration what you want/do not want. She was very friendly during the whole morning getting ready! I would definitely recommend her to anyone that wants to feel like a flawless-princess!"

Beautiful Results 

Faith did an awesome job on both my engagement and wedding make up. She made sure everyone in my party looked fabulous. Faith was on time and efficient with her work but not rushing whatsoever. Would consult her for any makeup needs! THANK YOU!!
Faith did my makeup for my wedding so flawlessly! She listened to exactly what I wanted and if I wanted to add something, she absolutely was up for it! I got so many compliments on how perfect my airbrush makeup was and more specifically my eyelashes! Lots of women were impressed with how well my eyelashes stayed on in the humidity and how natural they looked. Faith is amazing at what she does and she truly cares about her work and making women look their best on a special occasion. She also made my mom and bridesmaids look flawless with their makeup. I will always recommend her as a makeup artist! Everyone should book her and they will never be disappointed!
faith was so wonderful! she did such a great job woth our makeup and we all felt confident and beautiful! can not recommend her enough!
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Flawless and fabulous! Have faith in Faith!

Faith is amazing and will make you and your bridal party look fabulous for 12 hours plus. Not only did the five women vary in age, style, complexion and makeup desires, but we also were all very picky and leary of having our makeup airbrushed and lashes done, faith calmed all of our anxieties with just a look in the mirror. In the group photo she did the makeup for the bride, and all of the brunettes with their hair down as well as the mother of the bride, not pictured. She is quick without rushing and has a great will relax and feel like you are getting the best facial and not even notice the weight of the eyelashes the whole night. At 30, I still hardly wear makeup and am very fidgety with no patience. Faith calmed me right down and I felt the most beautiful I have ever felt on my wedding day. She gave me the confidence I needed to last through the day and I never had to touch up my makeup, when I caught my reflection in the mirror at the end of the night after dancing for 3 plus hours, I was shocked that I looked just as stunning when I left her chair. She also has a great personality and is a fun addition to the bridal suite. We all love Faith!!! My only critique is that she should charge more for services! She is super affordable, accommodating, and responsive throughout the entire process

Faith is amazing!

All I have to say is everything Faith did was flawless! She was amazing at communicating about all the details to start the day off along with the practice trial! She made it easy to work with her, she has a very bubbly personality!(which I loved) She made me feel like she was one of my girls just enjoying the day with me! Honestly without Faith doing my makeup for my wedding, I feel like my wedding wouldn't have been complete. I'm so happy she was able to give me the image I wanted for my special day along with so much more! She loves what she does and you can definitely tell! If I could do it all over again, I would still choose her as my makeup artist!

Victoria Brandt

Wedding date  -  06/06/19

Super talented. She's going to be big one day.

I was super picky about selecting my makeup artist. I work in NYC as an advertising an art director so I've worked on tv shoots and photoshoots with many professional makeup artists - some great, some not-so-great. I chose Faith because I could see from her work (especially from her self-makeup explorations and tests on her personal insta acct) that she had a great sense of colors, shapes, contouring, etc. A true artist. And then once I actually got to work with her for my wedding makeup, she totally delivered and was also so sweet and full of personality. She did makeup on 5 very different people with different tastes/preferences/age, and each person was so happy with their look - especially me, the bride :) Faith has SO MUCH potential and as soon as the secret is out about her talent, she's going to be a super star makeup artist. THANK YOU FAITH for such great work on my special day!!

Nari Kim

Wedding date  -  10/14/18

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