2022 bridal, engagements, special events, editorial 

*2023 pricing available through inquiry, based on demand


bride - $85 (including airbrush foundation and false lashes)

bridesmaid - $75 (including airbrush foundation and false lashes)

mother  -  $70 (including airbrush foundation and false lashes, if wanted)

flower girl  -  $30 (simple eyeshadow, concealer if needed, blush, mascara, lip gloss)

eyes only  -  $45 

face only  -  $30

false lashes  -  $10

makeup trial  -  $70

TRAVEL FEE - $.30 per mile. (calculated from Caledonia, MI)

DEPOSIT - A $25 deposit is required to book the wedding day. The deposit goes towards the total amount on the wedding day.

ENGAGEMENT - $80 (picture perfect with airbrush foundation and false lashes)

SPECIAL EVENT/EDITORIAL - $70+ (Going to a ball, gala, work party or any other event you want to look more elevated for? I got you! Also with airbrush and false lashes!)

Need makeup for any event not listed? Just ask!